Saturdays 10am - 2pm

June 26th             Chris Ainsworth, Danielle Thomson, Tim Dowsley, Brian Corby 

                                                    *   *   *

July 3rd                Mick & Annette Chalker, Ernie Stephenson, Geoff Sieler, Peter Davies

July 10th               Graham Lambert, Peter &  Margaret McAlister, Judith Matthews

July 17th               Jeff & Judy Chalker, Bob Blay, Peter & Jenny Haigh, Andrew Moore

July 24th               Maureen Long,  Joan Scott, Pat Murray,  Elaine Connor,  Karen Fishburn

July 31st               Chris Ainsworth, Glennis & Max Wright, Tim Dowsley, Martin Walsh

                                                   *   *   *

August 7th            Matt & Vicki Chalker, Jim Dean, Pat Keogh, Brian Maloney

August 14th          Chris Ainsworth, Danielle Thomson, Helena Keogh, Margaret McIntosh​

August 21st           Maureen Long, Joan Scott, Pat Murray, Elaine Connor, Karen Fishburn

August 28th           Ernie Stephenson, Geoff Sieler, Bob Blay, Tim Dowsley, Brian Corby

                                                 *   *   *

September 4th      Jeff & Judy Chalker, Mick & Annette Chalker, Martin Walsh

September 11th    Graham Lambert, Helena Hopkins, Margaret McIntosh, Jenny Haigh

September 18th    Maureen Long, Joan Scott, Pat Murray, Elaine Connor, Karen Fishburn

September 25th    Mick & Annette Chalker,  Peter Davies, Vlad & Galina Balashov

If anyone has a problem with their day, please arrange to swap with someone else or contact Maureen